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DeveloperWeek 2015 Award Nominations

Click here to submit a nomination

Crowd voting for DeveloperWeek awards will begin on November 12th. You can still nominate companies and their products for awards during the voting period up until January 15th 2015.

Click here to submit a nomination

DeveloperWeek award nominees will be listed on verticalize.me under the industry of “Developer”.

You can nominate multiple products of a certain company. Each product can only be nominated for one category.

Final award decisions will be based almost completely on crowd votes – however our team reserves the right to re-categorize awards if we believe a product was mis-categorized by a nomination.

The winner in each category will receive an award at our VIP reception, 5 PRO passes to DeveloperWeek, and their company listed in our website / blast about award winners

Award Categories

API Infrastructure

“API Infrastructure” deals with the design, deployment, management, testing, scaling, and distribution of API’s

API Services

“API Services” is any product, service, or technology that is mainly available via API.

App Monetization

“App Monetization” is any solution dealing with advertising, ecommerce, payments, or monetization of apps

App Testing

“App Testing” is any analytics, user testing, A/B testing, or performance configuring for apps

Cloud Services

“Cloud Services” can include hosting, cloud platforms, or cloud infrastructure for apps

Coding Environments

“Coding Environments” means any cloud or desktop environment that enables (or aids in) coding

Communication Dev

“Communication Dev” is any voice, instant message, text message, video, or other communication tool available to developers

Data Dev Tools

“Data Dev Tools” includes any big data, hadoop, NoSQL / SQL database, data visualization, etc. data tool whose users are developers

Front-end Dev Tools

“Front-end Dev Tools” are any tools / technologies that help developers design / build ‘front-end’ components of applications

Javascript Technologies

“Javascript technologies” are any libraries / frameworks / tools that help with javascript development

Mobile Development

“Mobile Development” is any platforms / frameworks / tools that help with mobile development


“Platform-as-a-Service” is any technology that hosts the infrastructure of an application

Python Technologies

“Python technologies” are any libraries / frameworks / tools that help with python development

Ruby on Rails Technologies

“Ruby on Rails technologies” are any libraries / frameworks / tools that help with Ruby on Rails development

Server / Dev Ops Technologies

“Server / Dev Ops Technologies” are any technologies that assist with configuration, deployment, scalability, server management for applications