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Robotics Dev Expo

The Robotics Dev Expo will take place on the DeveloperWeek expo hall Wednesday February 11th from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Formed in 2005, Aldebaran builds humanoid robots, a new humane species for the benefit of humankind. To integrate robots into our daily lives, Aldebaran set out to create a family of companion robots. Our flagship product NAO became a star in the world of education. In more than 70 countries, he was used in computer and science classes, from primary school through to university. Thanks to NAO, students can learn programming in a fun and practical way. They can program him to walk, catch small objects and even dance! NAO then conquered communities of developers, who recognized him as a powerful and incredibly expressive medium for creating applications. In 2013, Aldebaran launched the Autism Solution for Kids (ASK NAO) initiative, which offers a new teaching approach to teachers and children with autism thanks to robotics. Regardless of the intended use, Aldebaran robots must positively influence our daily lives. They are also for reception, assistance, home care and entertainment.

Force Dimension has earned international recognition for designing and manufacturing high precision haptic interfaces operating industrial and medical robotic systems. Our flagship products, the delta and omega family of haptic devices, provide best-in-class solutions that enable human operators to instinctively and safely operate critical systems.

So what really is Modbot. Well, at the high level, its a rapid robot development platform. Modbot brings industrial precision and power to consumer assembled robots. Imagine automated manufacturing and consumer robots within reach of everybody, assembled like Lego. Modbot is a system of affordable and re-usable modules that snap together, filling the gap between $100 hobby and $20,000 industrial motion equipment.

PhaseSpace Inc. was founded in 1994 with the mission of developing new technologies and products for emerging motion tracking markets. Drawing upon the talents of a strong team of scientists and engineers from diverse technical backgrounds, PhaseSpace has developed motion capture solutions for the research, industrial and graphic arts communities.

Revolve Robotics is the San Francisco based company that makes kubi, which has been shipping worldwide since January 2014. We are about smart, simple solutions to real problems, timeless design, and an elevated level of practicality and functionality. kubi means “neck” in Japanese, and our product is a robotic tablet stand that gives you the freedom to interact while video conferencing. kubi offers robotic telepresence for telehealth, distance learning, remote working, concierge and other applications.

Thanks to information technology the world is changing fast, we believe by and large education is not keeping up. TechLX exists to help educators both use and teach technology.

Tempo Automation presents a desktop pick and place robot which automates the slowest, most distracting, and expensive step of the electronics prototyping process: surface mount assembly.